boat travel at regen river (photogallery)

Boat hiker say that the regen river is one of the most beautiful rivers in bavaria. The classic section begins before Pulling near Blaibach, at the delta of the white regen into the black regen, and routes in five comfortable day sections to Regensburg.

From the parking at the Blaibacher Lake, where you can leave your car, you can ride the river from spring to autum also with foldable boats for two persons. The regen river has dark water and the riverbed has some stones which sometimes reach the water surface and are not visible.

Nevertheless the boat hiking route offers an easy way for untrained people from Blaibacher See to Regensburg. Also some relaying  places, camping- and rest places makes the travel easy for boat hiker and her package.

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Hiking  in the bavarian forrest

The nature park "upper bavarian forrest" is a varied mountain landscape wich is devided by the rivers valleys Schwarzach, Chamb und Regen.

The region belongs to the world greatest continous forrest region in middle europe. Wide spaces valleys, deep forrest, rushing wild creeks, bizarre rock formations, clear lakes, idyllic villages, castles and monastry create a origin landscape to a paradise for hiking. You can hike at the "Falkensteiner Vorwald" also to the "hell"; the castle Falkenstein has a hunting museum and offers a beautiful view to the Mariental.



Appoximatly 3.000 km hiking trails can't be done in one day, but you can try it...

hiking tours in bavarian forrest | bavarian forrest-asocciation |  kanoe rental Aquahema

Cycling in the bavarian forrest

Try to make holiday, cycle and do something to your health, learn the beautyness of the nature park and the surrounding regions.
Over 30 cycle tours and about 500 km cycle trails offer you phantasmic opportunities to review country, culture and history. Romantic riverbeds, wooded hills and mysterious shrouded castles can lead you to an exiting tour every day.

Family meets, cross-border, richly varied - this is what it describes at best. But you should get the experience of this variety on your own.

Danube-Regen-cycle trail | Regen valley cycle trail | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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summer - sports - activities

flyfhishing:   in our own river section at the Hotel


  at Hotel


  Regentalradweg direkt ab Haus


  Aquacur Bad Kötzing 12 km
Freizeitbad Cham 12 km

hiking/ nordic walking:

  at the hotel begins national "Goldsteig hiking trail"

boat hiking:

  see obove

  Loifling b. Cham

summer toboggan run:

  St. Englmar

chairlift/ summer toboggan run:

  Hohen Bogen

nature experience path:

  Walwipfelweg in Maibrunn b. St. Englmar

natural oasis:

  Drachensee in Furth i. Wald

Arber-chairlift/ Arber Lake

  at Großen Arber in Bodenmais

crystal glas Joska:


glas valley Weinfurthner:



  Festspiel in Furth im Wald

Trenck der Pandur:

  Freilichtfestspiel in Waldmünchen

pentecostal rode:

  Bad Kötzting

game casino:   Bad Kötzting





cathedral city:


animal park:


silver mine:


three river city:


danube-ship cruse:

bus tours:

  to Prague


  Bad Kötzting


winter leisure

skiing:   Hoher Bogen
Großer Arber

cross-country skiing:

  at Haidstein/ Wettzell

winter hiking:    see hiking

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