The Regen river

In front of our country-hotel Schwalbenhof the river Regen flows with a width of approximatly 25m and a depth of 50cm to 6m. The water quality is so well that even stone flies and  Mühlkoppen are well.

The Regen river has all sorts of fishes from the smaller ones to the big catfishes. Silent branches are well for relaxing. The fishing places are good reachable by drive.

The Satzdorfer lake...

is well known in germany because of his good population of carp.

The lake is round about 3 km from our House distant. The size is 25ha and enough place for your uninterrupted fishing holidays. 

The fish asset is:

  • brown trout
  • pickerel
  • zander
  • sheatfish
  • carp (Spiegel,-Schuppen,- grasscarp)

in the photogalerie you can find images.

the lake-records (Kapitale Fänge)

  • carp: 22,5 kg
  • tench: 4,6 kg
  • bream: 5,6 kg
  • rainbow trout: 4,0 kg
  • zander: 5,5 kg
  • pickerel: 13,0 kg
  • sheatfish: 41,0 kg
  • amur: 19,5 kg


our services

  • frost fishes
  • fishing lure cooling
  • fish preparing
  • fish wast dispose

Fishing shops are located surrounding Chamerau.

week card price

section I: as of House Schwalbenhof on 8km


section II: flyfishing section Schwalbenhof 100,-€
section III: In 3km distance, at 25ha lake 50,-€

day card price

section I: as of House Schwalbenhof on 8km


section II: flyfishing section Schwalbenhof 20,-€
section III: In 3km distance, at 25ha lake 20,-€

common regulations at the Regen river

  • For doing the Fischwaid a permission is required and also an administrational, valid fishing license is requried.
  • To feed fishes while fishing is only in small amount allowed.
  • Fishing with max. 2 rod's, only one for predatory fish catch (as of 01. June).
  • The fishing is permitted 1 hour before sunrise and 1 1/2 hours after sunset. Night fishing is only allowed till 1 hour after midnight (summertime) to eel, Ruten and sheatfish.
  • Per day in summary only 2 fishes of sheatfish, pickerel, zander, carp, tench und barb can be taken, additional up to 4 white fishes.
  • This is also valid for bait fishes (max. 8).
  • It is not allowed to give the rod to other persons. To small fishes must be thrown back. Fishing with living bait fishes is not allowed!
  • By using of blinker, wobbern, schlep- and spinnsystems the bait may have more hooks.
  • The fishing out of law is forbidden, instructions for the protection of animals has to be considered. Tantalization of animals is forbidden.
  • You may not drive to grassland, field land or fields! You may get a penalty.
  • Fisher are environmental activists, they leave their place in clean condition.

If you behavior in the fishing grounds is gentleman like, you are a highly welcom guest. Mass fish die has to be announced to the local policy or the responsible fish advisor under Tel. +49 (99 44) 895 oder +49(99 71) 393100 zu melden.



closed seasons-/length at Rädlinger (Satzdorfer) lake

pickerel 60 cm 15.02.-30.04.
zander 50 cm 15.03.-30.04.
lake trout 60 cm 01.10.-28.02.
brown trout 30 cm 01.10.-28.02.
rainbow trout 30 cm 15.12.-15.04.
carp 35 cm  
tench 30 cm  
asp 40 cm  
sheatfish 100 cm  
eel 50 cm  
grasscarp   whole year
silvercarp   whole year
sturgeon   whole year


closed seasons-/length of fishes (14kb)
common regulations at regen river (18kb)
closed seasons-/length at Rädlinger (Satzdorfer) lake (15kb)


closed season-/length at Regen river

greyling 35 cm 01.01.-30.04.
pickerel 60 cm 15.02.-15.05.
danube salomon 70 cm 15.02.-31.05.
nase 30 cm 01.03.-15.05.
Frauennerfling 30 cm 01.03.-30.06.
zander 50 cm 15.03.-15.05.
barb 45 cm 01.05.-15.06.
brown trout 30 cm 01.10.-31.03.
brook trout 30 cm 01.10.-31.03.
lake trout 60 cm 01.10.-28.02.
Seesaibling 30 cm 01.10.-28.02.
whitefish 30 cm 15.10.-31.12.
Sandfelchen 30 cm 15.10.-31.12.
rainbow trout 30 cm 15.12.-15.04.
eel 40 cm no closed season
carp 37 cm no closed season
Nerfling 30 cm no closed season
Rutte 30 cm no closed season
asp 40 cm no closed season
tench 28 cm no closed season
catfish/sheatfish 80 cm no closed season
all white fishes 25 cm no closed season
crustecean/mussels   whole year


Fishes, crustecean and mussels with rare population may not be taken the whole year. The plant eating fishes (grass carp and silver carp) for fighting the water pest may not be taken accordingly to the advisor for fisheries. These fishes must be set back even if they are large enough. The fishing license can not be transfered!


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